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"Cassandra on windows ? Please install Linux !"

Useful comment, please spare your time and stop that troll.

He surely have his reason to use windows (I suppose it is a dev constraint or choice). Anyway, C* is available in windows so it should work. Comments like "windows sucks, go linux or macOS", are not going to solve his issue. If Cassandra can't be run on windows, just don't package Cassandra for windows.

We just can recommend Naresh *not* to use Windows as the OS for your production nodes.


2013/8/13 Kanwar Sangha <kanwar@mavenir.com>

Cassandra on windows ? Please install Linux !



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My two cents is that you should run Cassandra on a Linux VM.
Issues are more easy to diagnose/pinpoint. Windows is a bit obscure to many people here.


Alexis Rodríguez <arodriguez@inconcertcc.com> a écrit sur 13/08/2013 16:50:42 :

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> Naresh,

> Windows is not my cup of tea. May be someone else has more
> experience using the Redmond's prodigy child.

> cheers, and good luck