Yes. If you overwrite much older data with new data both "versions" of the column will remain on disk until compaction get's to work on both fragments of the row.

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On 6/08/2013, at 6:48 PM, Franc Carter <> wrote:

I've been thinking through some cases that I can see happening at some point and thought I'd ask on the list to see if my understanding is correct.

Say a bunch of columns have been loaded 'a long time ago', i.e long enough in the past that they have been compacted. My understanding is that if some these columns get reloaded then they are likely to sit in additional sstables until the larger sstable is called up for compaction, which might be a while.

The case that springs to mind is filling small gaps in data by doing bulk loads around the gap to make sure that the gap is filled.

Have I understood correctly ?


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