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From Takenori Sato <>
Subject Random Distribution, yet Order Preserving Partitioner
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2013 08:19:39 GMT

I am trying to implement a custom partitioner that evenly distributes, yet
preserves order.

The partitioner returns a token by BigInteger as RandomPartitioner does,
while does a decorated key by string as OrderPreservingPartitioner does.
* for now, since IPartitioner<T> does not support different types for token
and key, BigInteger is simply converted to string

Then, I played around with cassandra-cli. As expected, in my 3 nodes test
cluster, get/set worked, but list(get_range_slices) didn't.

This came from a challenge to overcome a wide row scalability. So, I want
to make it work!

I am aware that some efforts are required to make get_range_slices work.
But are there any other critical problems? For example, it seems there is
an assumption that token and key are the same. If this is throughout the
whole C* code, this partitioner is not practical.

Or have your tried something similar?

I would appreciate your feedback!


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