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From Jan Algermissen <>
Subject token(), limit and wide rows
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2013 20:46:42 GMT

ok, so I found token() [1], and that it is an option for paging through randomly partitioned

I take it that combining token() and LIMIT is the CQL3 idiom for paging (set aside the fact
that one shouldn't raelly want to page and use C*)

Now, when I page through a CF with wide rows, limitting each 'page' to, for example, 100 I
end up in situations where not all 'sub'rows that have the same result for token() are returned
because LIMIT chops off the result after 100 'sub'rows, not neccessarily at the boundary to
the next wide row.

Obvious ... but inconvenient.

The solution would be to throw away the last token returned (because it's wide row could have
been chopped off) and do the next query with the token before.

So instead of doing

     SELECT * FROM users WHERE token(name) > token(last-name-of-prev-result) LIMIT 100;

I'd be doing

    SELECT * FROM users WHERE token(name) > token(one-befoe-the-last-name-of-prev-result)
LIMIT 100;

Question: Is that what I have to do or is there a way to make token() and limit work together
to return complete wide rows?


[1] token() and how it relates to paging is actually quite hard to grasp from the docs.
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