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We are planning to move data from a 2 node cluster to a 3 node cluster. We are planning to copy the data from the two nodes (snapshot) to the new 2 nodes and hoping that Cassandra will sync it to the third node. Will this work ? are there any other commands to run after we are done migrating, like nodetool repair. 

What RF are old and new cluster?

RF of old and new cluster is the same RF=3. Keyspaces and schema info is also same.

What are the tokens of old and new nodes?
tokens for old cluster ( 2-node )

node 0 -  0
node 1 -  85070591730234615865843651857942052864
Tokens for new cluster (3-node)
node 0 - 0
node 1 - 56713727820156407428984779325531226112
node 2 - 113427455640312814857969558651062452224

Thanks this helps a lot !