That's exactly what is happening with my row, but not what I was trying to do. It seems that I misunderstood the stackoverflow post. I was trying to schedule a delete for an entire row, is using ttl for columns the only way? 

 Thanks for the reply.

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Hi guys,

I've read here [1] that you can make a deletion mutation "for" the future. That mechanism operates as a schedule for deletions according to the stackoverflow post. But, I've been having problems to make it work with my thrift c++ client. I believe it's related to this paragraph of the thrift api documentation:

What problem are you having?  If you insert a tombstone with a future timestamp, it means delete what is there now, as well as anything that is inserted in the future up to the tombstone timestamp.  It does not mean for the tombstone to only kick in in the future, that is what TTLs do.