I also see "Waiting for agent information..." In the top of the dashboard page, but again nothing on the logs.

2013/7/30 Alain RODRIGUEZ <arodrime@gmail.com>
I also have the following message in the dashboard :

Error loading events: Cannot call method 'slice' of null

With events and alerts not showing up. No error in the logs (opscenterd and agents)

2013/7/30 yue.zhang <yue.zhang@chinacache.com>



when I edit any “schema-> kespacke-> cf”,then report “Error saving column family: required argument is not a float




from OpsCenter 3.2 release note(http://www.datastax.com/docs/opscenter/release_notes#opscenter-3-2), it tell me “Added support for CQL3 column families (limited Data Explorer support).but it not works.


The message below:


Viewing data in column families created with CQL3 is not currently supported. We recommend using one of the DataStax drivers or cqlsh as an alternative.