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From Keith Wright <>
Subject sstable size change
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2013 13:02:22 GMT
Hi all,

   I know there has been several threads recently on this but I wanted to make sure I got
a clear answer:  we are looking to increase our SSTable size for a couple of our LCS tables
as well as chunk size (to match the SSD block size).   The largest table is at 500 GB across
6 nodes (RF 3, C* 1.2.4 VNodes).  I wanted to get feedback on the best way to make this change
with minimal load impact on the cluster.  After I make the change, I understand that I need
to force the nodes to re-compact the tables.

Can this be done via upgrade sstables or do I need to shutdown the node, delete the .json
file, and restart as some have suggested?

I assume I can do this one node at a time?

If I change the bloom filter size, I assume I will need to force compaction again?  Using
the same methodology?

Thank you

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