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From Vladimir Prudnikov <>
Subject Re: funnel analytics, how to query for reports etc.
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2013 13:03:47 GMT
This can be done easily,

Use normal column family to store the sequence of events where key is
session #ID identifying one use interaction with a website, column names
are TimeUUID values and column value id of the event (do not write
something like "user added product to shopping cart", something shorter
identifying this event).

Then you can use counter column family to store counters, you can count
anything, number of sessions, total number of events, number of particular
events etc. One row per day for example. Then you can retrieve this row and
calculate all required %.

On Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 1:05 AM, S Ahmed <> wrote:

> Would cassandra be a good choice for creating a funnel analytics type
> product similar to mixpanel?
> e.g.  You create a set of events and store them in cassandra for things
> like:
> event#1 user visited product page
> event#2 user added product to shopping cart
> event#3 user clicked on checkout page
> event#4 user filled out cc information
> event#5 user purchased product
> Now in my web application I track each user and store the events somehow
> in cassandra (in some column family etc)
> Now how will I pull a report that produces results like:
> 70% of people added to shopping cart
> 20% checkout page
> 10% filled out cc information
> 4% purchased the product
> And this is for a Saas, so this report would be for thousands of customers
> in theory.

Vladimir Prudnikov

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