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Subject Leveled Compaction, number of SStables growing.
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 18:56:31 GMT

We recently switched from size tired compaction to Leveled compaction. We made this change
because our rows are frequently updated. We also have a lot of data.
With size-tiered compaction, we have about 5-10 sstables per CF. So with about 15 CF's we
had about 100 sstables.
With a sstable default sixe of 5mb, now after leveled compaction, we have about 130k sstables
and growing as the writes increases. There are a lot of compaction jobs pending.
If we increase the SStable size to 20mb, that will be about 30k sstables but it's still a

Is this common? Any solution, hints on reducing the sstables are welcome.


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