With LeveledCompaction, each sstable size is fixed and is defined by sstable_size_in_mb in the compaction configuration of CF definition and default value is 5MB. In you case, you may have not defined your own value, that is why your each sstable is 5MB. And if you dataset is huge, you will see a lot of sstable counts.



On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 1:44 PM, Franc Carter <franc.carter@sirca.org.au> wrote:


We are trialling Cassandra-1.2(.4) with Leveled compaction as it looks like it may be a win for us.

The first step of testing was to push a fairly large slab of data into the Column Family - we did this much faster (> x100) than we would in a production environment. This has left the Column Family with about 140,000 files in the Column Family directory which seems way too high. On two of the nodes the CompactionStats show 2 outstanding tasks and on a third node there are over 13,000 outstanding tasks. However from looking at the log activity it looks like compaction has finished on all nodes.

Is this number of files expected/normal ?



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