I have a node in my ring (1.2.5) that when it was set up, had the wrong number of vnodes assigned (double the amount it should have had).

As  a result, and because we can't reduce the number of vnodes on a machine (at least at this point), I need to decommission the node.

The problem is that we've tried running decommission several times.  In each instance we'll have a lot of streams to other nodes for a period, and then eventually, netstats will tell us:

nodetool -h localhost netstats
 Nothing streaming to /10.x.x.1
 Nothing streaming to /10.x.x.2
 Nothing streaming to /10.x.x.3
Not receiving any streams.
Pool Name                    Active   Pending      Completed
Commands                        n/a         0         955991
Responses                       n/a         0        2947860

I also am not seeing anything in the nodes log files to suggest errors during streaming or leaving.

Then the node will stay in this leaving state for... well, we gave up after several days of no more activity and retried several times.  Each time we "gave up" on it, we restarted the service and it was no longer listed as Leaving, just active.  Even when in a "leaving" state, the size of data on the node continued to grow.

What suggestions does anyone have on getting this node removed from my ring so I can rebuild it with the correct number of tokens, before I end up with a disk space issue from too many vnodes.