Do you open all these nodes one by one on every Security Group in each region every time you add a node or did you manage to automate it somehow ?

2013/6/5 Dan Kogan <>



We are using a very similar configuration.  From our experience, Cassandra nodes in the same DC need access over both public and private IP on the storage port (7000/7001).  Nodes from other DC will need access over public IP on the storage port.

All Cassandra nodes also need access over the public IP on the Thrift port (9160).




From: Alain RODRIGUEZ []
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2013 9:49 AM
Subject: Looking for a fully working AWS multi DC configuration.




We use to work on a single DC (EC2Snitch / SimpleStrategy). For latency reason we had top open a new DC in the US (us-east). We run C* 1.2.2. We don't use VPC.


Now we use:

- 2 DC (eu-west, us-east)

- EC2MultiRegionSnitch / NTS

- public IPs as broadcast_address and seeds

- private IPs as listen_address


Yet we are experimenting some troubles (node can't reach itself, Could not start register mbean in JMX...), mainly because of the use of public IPs and the AWS inter-region communication.


If someone has successfully setup this kind of cluster, I would like to know, if our configuration is correct and if I am missing something.


I also would like to know what ports I have to open and either where I have to open them from.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.