Hi Josh,
are you looking at the read counter produced by cfstats?
If so it is not for a CF, but the entire KS and not tied to a specific operation, but rather per the entire lifetime of JVM.
Just in case, some supporting info: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9431590/cassandra-cfstats-and-meaning-of-read-write-latency
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2013 9:42 PM
Subject: Counter value becomes incorrect after several dozen reads & writes
I have a loop that reads a counter, increments it by some integer, then goes off and does about 500ms of other work. After about 10 iterations of this loop, the counter value *sometimes* appears to be corrupted.
Looking at the logs, a sequence that just happened is:
Read counter - 15000
Increase counter by - 353
Read counter - 15353
Increase counter by - 1067
Read counter - 286079 (the new counter value is *very* different than what the increase should have produced, but usually, suspiciously, around 280k)
Increase counter by - 875
Read counter - 286079  (the counter stops changing at a certain point)
There is only 1 thread running this sequence, and consistency levels are set to ALL. The behavior is fairly repeatable - the unexpectation mutation will happen at least 10% of the time I run this program, but at different points. When it does not go awry, I can run this loop many thousands of times and keep the counter exact. But if it starts happening to a specific counter, the counter will never "recover" and will continue to maintain it's incorrect value even after successful subsequent writes.
I'm using the latest Astyanax driver on Cassandra 1.2.3 in a 3-node test cluster. It's also happened in development. Has anyone seem something like this? It feels almost too strange to be an actual bug but I'm stumped and have been looking at it too long :)
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