Can anyone explain this to me?  I have been looking through the source code but can't seem to find the answer.

The documentation mentions using the token() function to change a value into it's token for use in queries.   It always mentions it as taking a single parameter:

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE token(userid) > token('tom') AND token(userid) < token('bob')

However on my 1.2.5 node I am getting the following error:


create table foo (
    organization text,
    type text,
    time timestamp,
    id uuid,
    primary key ((organization, type, time), id))

select * from foo where organization = 'companyA' and type = 'typeB' and token(time) < token('somevalue') and token(time) > token('othervalue')

Bad Request: Invalid number of arguments in call to function token: 3 required but 1 provided

What are the other two parameters?  We don't currently use the token function but I was experimenting seeing if I could move the time into the partition key for a table like this to better distribute the rows.  But I can't seem to figure out how to get token() working.


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