For quite time I've been having some unexpected loadavg in the cassandra servers. I suspect there are lots of uncontrolled queries to the cassandra servers causing this load, but the developers say that there are none, and the load is due to cassandra internal processes. 

Trying to get to the bottom, I've been looking into completed ReadStage and MutationStage through JMX, and the numbers seem to confirm my theory, but I'd like to go one step forward and, if possible, list all the queries from the webservers to the cassandra cluster (just one node would be enough). 

I've been playing with cassandra loglevels, and I can see when a Read or a Write is done, but it would be better if I could knew the CF of the query. For my tests I've put the in the log4j.server " log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG,stdout,R", writing and reading a test CF, and I can't see the name of it anywhere.

For the test I'm using Cassandra 0.8.4 (yes, still), as my production servers, and also 1.0.11. Maybe this changes in 1.1? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Any hint?

And... could I be more precise when enabling logging? Because right now, with log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG,stdout,R I'm getting a lot of information I won't use ever, and I'd like to enable just what I need to see gets and seds....

Thanks in advance,