sstableloader directly streams sstables to the correct replica nodes.  It doesn't go through the normal coordinated write process, so consistency levels do not apply.

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Hi All,

Hi All,

We have a requirement to load approximately 10 million records, each record
with approximately 100 columns daily  and automatically . We are planning to
use the Bulk-loader program to convert the data into SSTables and then load

Everything is working fine when all nodes are up and running and the
performance is very good. However, when a node is down, the streaming fails
and the operation stops. We have to run the SSTABLELOADER with option 'I' to
exclude the node that is down. I was wondering if we can enforce Consistency
level of 'ANY' with SSTABLELOADER as well.

i have tried with -i option but the progarm is automatic so finding a
failure node and running again may decrease the performance .

can any one suggest the best approach for the bulk loader program  without
failing even one node is down.


Cassandra  provided as part of DSE 3.0
8 Nodes
Replication Factor – 3
Consistency Level – ANY


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