Hi -I had a question on  hinted-handoff.  We have 2 DCs configured with overall RF = 2 (DC1:1, DC2:1) and 4 nodes in each DC (total – 8 nodes across 2  DCs)


Now we do a write with CL = ONE and Hinted Handoff enabled.


·        If node ‘X ‘ in DC1 which is a ‘replica’ node is down and a write comes with CL =1 to DC1, the co-ordinator node will write the hint and also the data will be written to the other ‘replica’ node in DC2 ? Is this correct ?

·        If yes, then when we try to do a ‘read’ of this data with CL = ‘local_quorum’ from DC1, it will fail (since the data was written as a hint) and we will need to read it from the other DC ?