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From Robert Coli <>
Subject Re: Creating namespace and column family from multiple nodes concurrently
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 20:14:43 GMT
On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 12:07 PM, Emalayan Vairavanathan
<> wrote:
> Do you have any idea how Cassandra is going to handle concurrent namespace
> and column family creation (Here all the instances are going to create the
> same namespace and column families concurrently)?
> [...]
> However I am not sure how Cassandra is going to behave if multiple nodes try
> to create the same schema (namespace and column families) concurrently. It
> would be nice if someone can tell me about the implications of Option - 2
> with Cassandra version 1.2.2.

Concurrent CREATE is allegedly working in 1.2.0, per NEWS.txt [1]. I
say allegedly working because this feature was also allegedly working
in 1.1.0. Given past experience, I continue to (perhaps
pessimistically) believe that frequent dynamic updates of schema are
likely to result in schema desynch. I would be interested to hear if
you go down this route and do not encounter problems.

See also CASSANDRA-3794 [2] for details.



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