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From Blair Zajac <>
Subject Re: Announcing Mutagen
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 06:06:59 GMT
On 5/16/13 10:22 PM, Todd Fast wrote:
> Mutagen Cassandra is a framework providing schema versioning and
> mutation for Apache Cassandra. It is similar to Flyway for SQL databases.
> Mutagen is a lightweight framework for applying versioned changes (known
> as mutations) to a resource, in this case a Cassandra schema. Mutagen
> takes into account the resource's existing state and only applies
> changes that haven't yet been applied.

Hi Todd,

Looking at your code and you have the ColumnPrefixDistributedRowLock 
commented out.  Could it be that the mutation is taking longer than a 
second to run?  Are they only happening during testing simultaneous 
updates?  Maybe they aren't being cleaned up?

Funny timing, I'm working on porting Scala Migrations [1] to Cassandra 
and have a working implementation.  It's not as fancy as Scala 
Migrations (it doesn't scan a package for migration subclasses and it 
currently doesn't do rollbacks) but it gets the basics done.  Hoping to 
release code in the near future.

Differences from Mutagen:

1) Mutations are written only in Scala.
2) Since its a new project, it uses a Java Driver session instead of a 
Astyanax connection since I only intend to use CQL3 tables.



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