Hi all!

We are using Cassandra 1.2.1 with a 8 node cluster running at Amazon. We started with 6 nodes and added the 2 later. When performing some reads in Cassandra, we observed a high difference between gets using the primary key and gets using secondary indexes:

[default@Sessions] get Users where mahoutUserid = 30127944399716352;
=> (column=mahoutUserid, value=30127944399716352, timestamp=1366820944696000)

1 Row Returned.
Elapsed time: 3508 msec(s).

[default@Sessions] get Users['STQ0TTNII2LS211YYJI4GEV80M1SE8'];
=> (column=mahoutUserid, value=30127944399716352, timestamp=1366820944696000)
Returned 1 results.

Elapsed time: 3.06 msec(s).

In our model the secondary index in also unique, as the primary key is. Is it better, in this case, to create another CF mapping the secondary index to the key?

Best regards,
Francisco Sobral.