I would replicate your different keyspaces to different DCs and scale those appropriately 
So, for example, HighLoad KS replicates to really-huge-dc, which would have, 10 nodes, LowerLoad KS replicates to smaller-dc with 5 nodes.
The idea is , you do not mix your different keyspaces in the same datacenter ( this is possible with NetworkTopology ) or for redundancy/HA purposes you place a single replica in the other keyspace's DC but you direct your applications to the "primary" DC of the keyspace, with LOCAL_QUORUM or ONE reads.


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Subject: RE: multiple Datacenter values in PropertyFileSnitch

I΄m using for each application it΄s own keyspace.

What I want is to split up for different load patterns.

So that 2 apps with same and very high load pattern are not clashing.


For other load patterns I want to use another splitting.


Is there any best practice or should I scale out, so that the complete load can be distributed to on all nodes?



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A node can only exist in one DC and one rack. 


Use different keyspaces as suggested. 





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On 12/04/2013, at 1:47 AM, Jabbar Azam <ajazam@gmail.com> wrote:


I'm not an expert but I don't think you can do what you want. The way to separate data for applications on the same cluster is to use different tables for different applications or use multiple keyspaces, a keyspace per application. The replication factor you specify for each keyspace specifies how many copies of the data are stored in each datacenter.

You can't specify that data for a particular application is stored on a specific node, unless that node is in its own cluster.

I think of a cassandra cluster as a shared resource where all the applications have access to all the nodes in the cluster.



Jabbar Azam


On 11 April 2013 14:13, Matthias Zeilinger <Matthias.Zeilinger@bwinparty.com> wrote:



I would like to create big cluster for many applications.

Within this cluster I would like to separate the data for each application, which can be easily done via different virtual datacenters and the correct replication strategy.

What I would like to know, if I can specify for 1 node multiple values in the PropertyFileSnitch configuration, so that I can use 1 node for more applications?

For example:

6 nodes:

3 for App A

3 for App B

4 for App C


I want to have such a configuration:

Node 1 – DC-A& DC-C

Node 2 – DC-B & DC-C

Node 3 – DC-A & DC-C

Node 4 – DC-B & DC-C

Node 5 – DC-A

Node 6 – DC-B


Is this possible or does anyone have another solution for this?



Thx & br matthias