Hi guys,

Here is example (fictional) model I have for learning purposes...

I'm currently storing the "User" object in a Tweet as blob value. So taking JSON of 'User' and storing it as blob. I'm wondering why is this better vs. just prefixing and flattening column names?

Tweet {
 id uuid,
 user blob


Tweet {
 id uuid,
 user_id uuid,
 user_name text,

In one or other

1. Is size getting bigger in either one in storing one Tweet?
2. Has either choice have impact on read/write performance on large scale?
3. Anything else I should be considering here? Your view/thinking would be great.

Here is my understanding:
For 'ease' of update if for example user changes its name I'm aware I need to (re)write whole object in all Tweets in first "blob" example and only user_name column in second 'flattened' example. Which brings me that If I'd wanted to actually do this "updating/rewriting" for every Tweet I'd use second 'flattened' example since payload of only user_name is smaller than whole User blob for every Tweet right?

Nothing urgent, any input is valuable, tnx guys :)

Hvala in lp,
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