Hi all,

I'm currently preparing my master's thesis in IT sciences at Itescia
school and UPMC university in France. This thesis focuses on NoSQL

It is in this context that I would like ask you some questions in regards
of your knowledges and experience, about the SaaS NoSQL market.
Your answers will be inserted in my thesis to discuss the challenges of
these new databases.

I sincerely thank you for your time and wish you a good day.

Best Regards,
Christophe Caron

Interview \begin
1/ Can you introduce yourself, describe your activity and your current work subjects ?

2/ Who are the main leaders and main challengers on the current SaaS NoSQL market ? What are their main strengths and weaknesses ?

3/ What do you think about data analytics systems that allows NoSQL, versus traditional databases ?

4/ Amazon and others big players sell universal NoSQL solutions. Is there a place for small players ? How small players can compete these leaders ? Can you give us some examples ?

5/ What is your thought on the NoSQL threat to move Web 2.0 applications away from traditional databases ? Is that NoSQL can replace all SQL websites ?

6/ What decisions a small player need to take ? I mean, to differentiate itself, should the small player need to focus on NoSQL optimisation (Business Intelligence) or develop NoSQL applications (NoSQL with CMS, java, mobiles applications..) ? Why ?

7/ Usually, small players will be absorbed by big ones. Some people believe that a new big actor will take the leadership on NoSQL solutions, the same way that you see the arrival of new “Big elephants” (aka Oracle). Do you agree with that ? Why ?

8/ Many players come and go with this exponential activity around NoSQL. How do you see the evolution of the NoSQL market and its position next to the SQL market ?

9/ What conclusions do you do on the success of the SaaS model in a global way ? In particular applied to the NoSQL area ?

10/ Finally, do you think that the NoSQL movement will be restricted to few companies which need high scalability performance for some applications or the NoSQL will be much more than that ?
Interview \end