Does anyone knows what is the best process to put data from cassandra 1.1.x (1.1.7 to be more precise) to cassandra 1.2.3 ?

I am trying to use sstableloader and stream data to a new cluster but I get.

ERROR [Thread-125] 2013-04-03 16:37:27,330 (line 183) Received stream using protocol version 5 (my version 6). Terminating connection

ERROR [Thread-141] 2013-04-03 16:38:05,704 (line 164) Exception in thread Thread[Thread-141,5,main]

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: SSTable zzz/xxx/yyy-hf-47-Data.db is not compatible with current version ib

        at org.apache.cassandra.streaming.StreamIn.getContextMapping(

        at org.apache.cassandra.streaming.IncomingStreamReader.<init>(




I've changed Murmur3Partitioner to RandomPartitioner already and I've noticed I am not able to use 1.1.7's sstableloader so I copied sstables to new nodes and tried doing it locally on cassandra 1.2.3, but it seems protocol versions do not match (see error above)

The reason why I want to use sstableloader is that I have different number of nodes and would like to avoid using rsync and then repair/cleanup of excessive data.