Some extra information you could provide which will help debug this: the logs from those 3 nodes which have no data and the output of "nodetool ring"

Before seeing those I can only guess, but my guess would be that in the logs on those 3 nodes you will see this: "Calculating new tokens" and this: "Split previous range (blah, blah] into <long list of tokens>"

If that is the case then it means you accidentally started those three nodes with the default configuration (single-token) and then subsequently changed (num_tokens) and then joined them into the cluster. What happens when you do this is that the node thinks it used to be responsible for a single range and is being migrated to vnodes, so it splits its single range (now a very small part of the keyspace) into 256 smaller ranges, and ends up with just a tiny portion of the ring assigned to it.

To fix this you'll need to decommission those 3 nodes, remove all data from them, then bootstrap them in again with the correct configuration from the start.


On 26 April 2013 06:07, David McNelis <> wrote:
So, I had 7 nodes that I set up using vnodes, 256 tokens each, no problem.

I added two 512 token nodes, no problem, things seemed to balance.

The next 3 nodes I added, all at 256 tokens, and they have a cumulative load of 116mb (where as the other nodes are at ~100GB and ~200GB (256 and 512 respectively).  

Anyone else seen this is 1.2.4?

The nodes seem to join the cluster ok, and I have num_tokens set and have tried both an empty initial_token and a commented out initial token, with no change.

I see nothing streaming with netstats either, though these nodes were added days apart.  At first I thought I must have a hot key or something, but that doesn't seem to be the case, since the node I thought that one was on has evened out over the past couple of days with no new nodes added.

I really *DON'T* want to deal with another shuffle....but what options do I have, since vnodes "make it unneeded to balance the cluster"?  (which, at the moment, seems like a load of bullshit).

Sam Overton
Acunu | | @acunu