Could we have the logs after starting each node ?

2013/4/16 Sai Kumar Ganji <>
Hello Guys,

I am trying to setup a 2 node Cassandra clustesr. 

My parameters are:


initial_token: 0
rpc_address: ip1
listen_address: ip1
seeds: “ip1"


initial_token: 85070591730234615865843651857942052864
rpc_address: ip1
listen_address: ip1
seeds: “ip1"

and in Node2 auto_bootstrap: true;

Then when i try to run: /usr/lib/apache-cassandra/bin/nodetool -host localhost ring

I get this error:

Failed to connect to 'localhost:7199': Connection refused ;  on both nodes.

Can you help here please.

Also when I create a key space and a column family in Node1, how can I access this data from Node2 ?

Thanks & Regards

Venkata Sai Ganji
Graduate Student
Dept of Computer Science
Montana State University - Bzn