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From Ostap Bender <>
Subject A couple of question about replication
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2013 23:03:59 GMT
Hi All,
I don't have any experience with Cassandra but we are about to evaluate it for one of our
project and a few questions had came up, namely:--	Let say we have replica set with 9 nodes.
There is a write with consistency 1 and replication "majority", so 5 nodes will get the data
(say 1 through 5).	There is a read on the node #6 that doesn't have data from the previous
write.	So the node #6 gets the data from the other node (say #1) that has it.
	Question: 	Will the node #6 have the data now to serve subsequent request without going to
the other nodes?
	Question: 	Is it possible to do a local delete of the data without replicating this delete?
Thank you,Ostap 		 	   		  
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