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From John Watson <>
Subject setcompactionthroughput and setstreamthroughput have no effect
Date Sun, 28 Apr 2013 21:28:36 GMT
Running these 2 commands are noop IO wise:
  nodetool setcompactionthroughput 0
  nodetool setstreamtrhoughput 0

If trying to recover or rebuild nodes, it would be super helpful to get
more than ~120mbit/s of streaming throughput (per session or ~500mbit
total) and ~5% IO utilization in (8) 15k disk RAID10 (per cf).

Even enabling multithreaded_compaction gives marginal improvements (1
additional thread doesn't help all that much and was only measurable in CPU

I understand that these processes should take lower priority to servicing
reads and writes. However, in emergencies it would be a nice feature to
have a switch to recover a cluster ASAP.



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