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From Michal Michalski <>
Subject Re: Unable to drop secondary index
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2013 09:03:02 GMT
Hi Aaron,

> Was the schema created with CQL or the CLI ?

It was created using Pycassa and - as far as I know - it was managed 
only by CLI.

 > (It's not a good idea to manage one with the other)

Yes, I know - I only tried using CQL after I realized that CLI is not 
working, as I had to make it work (which didn't happen, though ;-) ) 
because my secondary index was returning wrong results and I wasn't able 
to rebuild it.
However, I can't tell for sure that no-one else has ever modified it 
using CQL before.

> Can you provide the schema after the update and the update cf statement?

Update CF statement? I'm not updating it, I'm just trying to drop the 
index using DROP statement:

cli:   DROP INDEX ON Users.username;
cqlsh: DROP INDEX Users_username_idx;

No other updates have been made.
Here's the Users CF schema printed by CLI:

[default@production] describe Users;
     ColumnFamily: Users
       Key Validation Class: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.LexicalUUIDType
       Default column value validator: 
       Columns sorted by: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.AsciiType
       GC grace seconds: 864000
       Compaction min/max thresholds: 4/32
       Read repair chance: 1.0
       DC Local Read repair chance: 0.0
       Replicate on write: true
       Caching: KEYS_ONLY
       Bloom Filter FP chance: default
       Built indexes: [Users.Users_active_idx, Users.Users_email_idx, 
       Column Metadata:
         Column Name: date_created
           Validation Class: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.LongType
         Column Name: active
           Validation Class: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.IntegerType
           Index Name: Users_active_idx
           Index Type: KEYS
         Column Name: email
           Validation Class: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.UTF8Type
           Index Name: Users_email_idx
           Index Type: KEYS
         Column Name: username
           Validation Class: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.UTF8Type
           Index Name: Users_username_idx
           Index Type: KEYS
         Column Name: default_account_id
           Validation Class: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.LexicalUUIDType
       Compaction Strategy: 
       Compression Options:

CQL says (and shows a notification):

UnexpectedTableStructure: Unexpected table structure; may not translate 
correctly to CQL. Compact storage CF Users has no column aliases, but 
comparator is not UTF8Type.

   key 'org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.LexicalUUIDType' PRIMARY KEY,
   active varint,
   date_created bigint,
   default_account_id 'org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.LexicalUUIDType',
   email text,
   username text
   bloom_filter_fp_chance=0.010000 AND
   caching='KEYS_ONLY' AND
   comment='' AND
   dclocal_read_repair_chance=0.000000 AND
   gc_grace_seconds=864000 AND
   read_repair_chance=1.000000 AND
   replicate_on_write='true' AND
   compaction={'class': 'SizeTieredCompactionStrategy'} AND
   compression={'sstable_compression': 'SnappyCompressor'};

CREATE INDEX Users_active_idx ON "Users" (active);

CREATE INDEX Users_email_idx ON "Users" (email);

CREATE INDEX Users_username_idx ON "Users" (username);


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