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From Michal Michalski <>
Subject Re: Repair does not fix inconsistency
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2013 13:18:02 GMT

> Yes, maybe there are two issues here: repair not running and maybe really
> some index-thing.

Repair is fine - all the data seem to be in SSTables. I've checked it 
and while index tells me that I have 1 tombstone and 0 live cells for a 
key, I can _see_, thanks to sstable2json, that I have 3 "live cells" 
(assuming a cell is an entry in SSTable) and 0 tombstones. After being 
confused for the most of the day, now I'm almost sure it's a problem 
with index (re)building.

> Maybe you can try a CL=ONE with cassandra-cli? So that we can see how it
> works without index.

The same: for key-based query it returns correct result no matter if I 
use CL=ONE or TWO (or stronger). When querying by indexed column it 
works for CL=TWO or more, but returns no data for CL=ONE.

> it tells me about "Key cache hit for  sstable" for SSTables 23 & 24, but I
>> don't have such SSTables for Users CF. However, I have SSTables like this
>> for index.
> I think the Index-SSTables and the data SSTables are compacted separately
> and the numbers can differ from the data, even though they are flushed
> together. So the numbers can differ. (anybody feel free to correct me on
> this)

Yes, I agree - they're counted separately, and it's quite clear to me 
that these numbers do not match. I was surprised, because I didn't 
understand this output before and I thought that this "live cell" and 
tombstone info referrs somehow to "real" data from "regular" SSTables, 
not the index CF.


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