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From "More, Sandeep R" <>
Subject Multi datacenter setup question
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2013 19:03:08 GMT
My test setup consist of two datacenters DC1 and DC2.
DC2 has a offset of 10 as you can see in the following ring command.

I have two questions:

1)      Let's say in this case I insert a key at DC2 and its token is, let's say 85070591730234615865843651857942052874,
in this case will it be owned by DC2 ? and then replicated on DC1 ? i.e. who owns it.

2)      Notice that the Owns distribution is not even, is this something I should be worrying
about ?

I am using Cassandra 1.0.12.

Following is the ring command output:

Address         DC          Rack        Status State   Load            Owns    Token
                                              85070591730234615865843651857942052874   DC1         RAC-1       Up     Normal  101.73 KB       50.00%  0   DC2         RAC-1       Up     Normal  92.55 KB        0.00%   10   DC1         RAC-1       Up     Normal  115.09 KB       50.00%  85070591730234615865843651857942052864   DC2         RAC-1       Up     Normal  101.62 KB       0.00%   85070591730234615865843651857942052874

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