Yes it does. Thank you Aaron.

Now I realized that the system keyspace uses string as keys, like "Ring" or "ClusterName", and I don't know how to convert these type of keys into UUID. Any idea?

Carlos Pérez Miguel

2013/3/25 aaron morton <>
The best thing to do is start with a look at ByteOrderedPartitoner and AbstractByteOrderedPartitioner. 

You'll want to create a new TimeUUIDToken extends Token<UUID> and a new UUIDPartitioner that extends AbstractPartitioner<>

Usual disclaimer that ordered partitioners cause problems with load balancing. 

Hope that helps. 

Aaron Morton
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On 25/03/2013, at 1:12 AM, Carlos Pérez Miguel <> wrote:


I store in my system rows where the key is a UUID version1, TimeUUID. I would like to maintain rows ordered by time. I know that in this case, it is recomended to use an external CF where column names are UUID ordered by time. But in my use case this is not possible, so I would like to use a custom Partitioner in order to do this. If I use ByteOrderedPartitioner rows are not correctly ordered because of the way a UUID stores the timestamp. What is needed in order to implement my own Partitioner?

Thank you.

Carlos Pérez Miguel