I am using Cassandra 1.2.2.
There are 16 nodes in my cluster in 2 datacenters (8 nodes in each datacenter).
I am using NetworkTopologyStrategy.

For information, I set a RF = 6 (3 replicas in each datacenter)

With 1.2.2, I am using the new authentication backend PasswordAuthenticator with the authorizer CassandraAuthorizer.

In the documentation (http://www.datastax.com/docs/1.2/security/security_keyspace_replication#security-keyspace-replication), it is written that for all system_auth-related queries, Cassandra uses the QUORUM consistency level.

In this case, it means that if there is a network split between the 2 datacenters, it is impossible to get the quorum, and all connections will be rejected.

Is there a reason why Cassandra uses the Quorum consistency level ?
Maybe a local_quorum conssitency level (or a one consistency level) could do the job ?
Jean Armel