Yes, thanks. I didn't have the intelligence to use internal IPs as listen/rpc address earlier. 

2013/3/4 aaron morton <>
Did you get this sorted ? 


Aaron Morton
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On 28/02/2013, at 2:25 AM, amulya rattan <> wrote:

I have set up cassandra on EC2 with default localhost settings. Everything works fine and dandy. I can run cli there, do inserts/writes, the lot. However, when I try to read/write from another system on the same EC2 LAN, it throws "All host pools mark down" error. However, I could easily ping the Cassandra node from there.

I presumed perhaps I should give proper system IP address, instead of localhost, in the Cassandra machine for listen_address and rpc_address. However, doing that causes Cassandra to throw "unable to bind address" for 7000 port on start-up. Changing the port or adding filter for it and other ports in iptables doesn't help. 

Could this be a firewall issue on EC2 or some setting I am missing in configuration, for cassandra node be accessable to an external client?

Any response is appreciated.