What is the consistence level of your read and write operations?

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 8:39 AM, Byron Wang <byron.wang@woowteam.com> wrote:

I'm using cassandra 1.2.3.

I've successfully clustered 3 machines and created a keyspace with replication factor 3.

Node1 seeds Node2
Node2 seeds Node1
Node3 seeds Node1

I insert an entry using node1.

Using cqlsh from another node, I try to delete the item by sending out the delete command.

After sending the command, there seems to be no error but when I try to select the item it is still there.

When I try to send the same delete command from node1 cqlsh it seems to work.

Basically any delete command i send from the other nodes doesn't work unless i use it using node1. However I can select the items using the other nodes.

Is this a problem? I can't seem to modify objects from node1 using other nodes. Truncate works though.

Please help