What would be the exact CQL3 syntax to create a counter CF with composite row key and not predefined column names ?

Is the following supposed to work ?

CREATE TABLE composite_counter (
       aid   text,
       key1  text,
       key2  text,
       key3  text,
       value counter,
       PRIMARY KEY (aid, key1, key2, key3)

First, when I do so I have no error shown, but I *can't* see this CF appear in my OpsCenter.

"update composite_counter set value = value + 5 where aid = '1' and key1 = 'test1' and key2 = 'test2' and key3 = 'test3';" works as expected too.

But how can I have multiple counter columns using the schemaless property of cassandra ? I mean before, when I created counter CF with cli, things like this used to work:
"update composite_counter set 'value2' = 'value2' + 5 where aid = '1' and key1 = 'test1' and key2 = 'test2' and key3 = 'test3';" => Bad Request: line 1:29 no viable alternative at input 'value2'

I also tried:
"update composite_counter set value2 = value2 + 5 where aid = '1' and key1 = 'test1' and key2 = 'test2' and key3 = 'test3';"   => Bad Request: Unknown identifier value2 (as expected I guess)

I want to make a counter CF with composite keys and a lot of counters using this pattern "20130306#event" or "(20130306, event)", not sure if I should use composite columns there.

Is it mandatory to create the CF with at least one column with the "counter" type ? I mean I will probably never use a column named 'value', I defined it just to be sure the CF is defined as a counter CF.

2013/3/6 Abhijit Chanda <abhijit.chanda0@gmail.com>
Thanks @aaron  for the rectification

On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 1:17 PM, aaron morton <aaron@thelastpickle.com> wrote:
Note that CQL 3 in 1.1 is  compatible with CQL 3 in 1.2. Also you do not have to use CQL 3, you can still use the cassandra-cli to create CF's. 

The syntax you use to populate it depends on the client you are using. 

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On 5/03/2013, at 9:16 PM, Abhijit Chanda <abhijit.chanda0@gmail.com> wrote:

Yes you can , you just have to use CQL3 and 1.1.10 onward cassandra supports CQL3.  Just you have to aware of the fact that a column family that contains a counter column can only contain counters. In other other words either all the columns of the column family excluding KEY have the counter type or none of them can have it.

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Abhijit Chanda