Keep in mind that even at consistency level ONE or LOCAL_QUORUM, the write is still sent to all replicas for the written key, even replicas in other data centers. The consistency level just determines how many replicas are required to respond that they received the write.


Is this true for Reads also ?




From: Kanwar Sangha []
Sent: 04 March 2013 14:54
Subject: Replication Question


Hi – If I configure a RF across 2 Data centres as below  and assuming 3 nodes per Data centre.


DC1: 2, DC2:2


I do a write with consistency level – local_quorum which ensures that there is no inter DC latency. Now say 2 nodes in DC1 crash and I am doing a read with CL = One. Will it return failure to client since the data is now only present in DC2 ? So  I would need to do a read with CL = ALL/EACH_QUORUM to ensure that I always get the data even in case of crashes in the local DC ?