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From Brett Tinling <>
Subject secondary index problem
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 21:24:57 GMT
We have a CF with an indexed column 'type', but we get incomplete results when we query that
CF for all rows matching 'type'.  We can find the missing rows if we query by key.

 * we are seeing this on a small, single node, 1.2.2 instance with few rows.
 * we use thrift execute_cql_query, no CL is specified
 * none of repair, restart, compact, scrub helped
 Finally, nodetool rebuild_index fixed it.  
 Is index rebuild something we need to do periodically?  How often?  Is there a way to know
when it needs to be done?  Do we have to run rebuild on all nodes?
 We have not noticed this until 1.2
  - Brett


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