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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject Re: no backwards compatibility for thrift in 1.2.2? (we get utter failure)
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 02:51:13 GMT
It was an issue for existing tables as in QA, I ran an upgrade from 1.1.4
with simple data and then after 1.2.2, could not access stuff, ended up
with timeouts.  After that I cleared everything and just started a 1.2.2
as I wanted to see if just a base install of 1.2.2 with no upgrade worked
which it did not.

Ie. The backwards compatibility does not seem to be working.

Any ideas on how I could even attempt to resolve this?  We really want to
get to LCS and rumor is it is much slower in 1.1.x than 1.2.x on some post
I read


On 3/3/13 7:39 PM, "Michael Kjellman" <> wrote:

>I think if you look back through previous mailing list items you'll find
>answers to this already but to summarize:
>Tables created prior to 1.2 will continue to work after upgrade. New
>tables created are not exposed by the Thrift API. It is up to client
>developers to upgrade the client to pull the required metadata for
>serialization and deserialization of the data from the System column
>family instead.
>I don't know Netflix's time table for an update to Astyanax but I'm sure
>they are working on it. Alternatively, you can also  use the Datastax java
>driver in your QA environment for now.
>If you only need to access existing column families this shouldn't be an
>On 3/3/13 6:31 PM, "Hiller, Dean" <> wrote:
>>I remember huge discussions on backwards compatibility and we have a ton
>>of code using thrift(as do many people out there).  We happen to have a
>>startup bean for development that populates data in cassandra for us.  We
>>cleared out our QA completely(no data) and ran thisÅ .it turns out there
>>seems to be no backwards compatibility as it utterly fails.
>>From astyanax point of view, we simply get this (when going back to
>>1.1.4, everything works fine.  I can go down the path of finding out
>>where backwards compatibility breaks but does this mean essentially
>>everyone has to rewrite their applications?  OR is there a list of
>>breaking changes that we can't do anymore?  Has anyone tried the latest
>>astyanax client with 1.2.2 version?
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