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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject no backwards compatibility for thrift in 1.2.2? (we get utter failure)
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 02:31:24 GMT
I remember huge discussions on backwards compatibility and we have a ton of code using thrift(as
do many people out there).  We happen to have a startup bean for development that populates
data in cassandra for us.  We cleared out our QA completely(no data) and ran this….it turns
out there seems to be no backwards compatibility as it utterly fails.

>From astyanax point of view, we simply get this (when going back to 1.1.4, everything
works fine.  I can go down the path of finding out where backwards compatibility breaks but
does this mean essentially everyone has to rewrite their applications?  OR is there a list
of breaking changes that we can't do anymore?  Has anyone tried the latest astyanax client
with 1.2.2 version?

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[host=None(, latency=0(0), attempts=0]No hosts to borrow from


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