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From Matt Kap <>
Subject hinted handoff disabling trade-offs
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 04:07:26 GMT
I am looking to get a second opinion about disabling hinted-handoffs. I
have an application that can tolerate a fair amount of inconsistency
(advertising domain), and so I'm weighting the pros and cons of hinted
handoffs. I'm running Cassandra 1.0, looking to upgrade to 1.1 soon.

Pros of disabling hinted handoffs:
- Reduces heap
- Improves GC performance
- No risk of hinted-handoffs building up
- No risk of hinted-handoffs flooding a node that just came up

- Some writes can be lost, at least until repair runs

Can anyone suggest any other factors that I'm missing here. Specifically
not to do this.


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