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From S C <>
Subject nodetool repair hung?
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2013 21:55:30 GMT
I am using Cassandra 1.1.5. 
nodetool repair is not coming back on the command line. Did it ran successfully? Did it hang?
How do you find if the repair was successful?I did not find anything in the logs."nodetool
compactionstats" and "nodetool netstats" are clean. 
nodetool compactionstats pending tasks: 0Active compaction remaining time :        n/a

nodetool netstatsMode: NORMALNot sending any streams.Not receiving any streams.Pool Name 
                  Active   Pending      CompletedCommands                        n/a     
   0      121103621Responses                       n/a         0      209564496

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