Whats the full error stack on the client ? 

Are you using a pre-build thrift client or you own ? If the later try using a pre built client first, like Hector or pycassa. If it works there look into how that code works and go from there. 


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On 31/01/2013, at 5:24 AM, Oleksandr Petrov <oleksandr.petrov@gmail.com> wrote:

BTW, thanks for chiming in!

No-no, I'm using Thrift client, not inserting via cql.
I'm serializing via CompositeType, actually. CompositeType.getInstance(UTF8Type, UTF8Type).decompose(["firstkeypart", "secondkeypart"]);

Hm... From what you say I understand that it's technically possible :/ 
So I must be wrong somewhere,