Composite keys are always good  and model looks clean to me. Run pilot with around 10 GB or more data and compare it with RDBMS and make changes accordingly.


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From: Kanwar Sangha [mailto:kanwar@mavenir.com]
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Subject: DataModel Question


Hi –  We are designing a Cassandra based storage for the following use cases-


·         Store SMS messages

·         Store MMS messages

·         Store Chat history


What would be the ideal was to design the data model for this kind of application ? I am thinking on these lines ..


Row-Key :  Composite key [ PhoneNum : Day]


·         Example:   19876543456:05022013


Dynamic Column Families


·         Composite column key for SMS [SMS:MessageId:TimeUUID]

·         Composite column key for MMS [MMS:MessageId:TimeUUID]

·         Composite column key for user I am chatting with [UserId:198765432345] – This can have multiple values since each chat conv can have many messages. Should this be a super column ?























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