Hi all,

I'm tryinng to use get_range to traverse the rows by page by providing a :start_key and an :finish_key.

This works fine when I traverse forward with :start_key=>last_key, :finish_key=>""
However, when I tried to traversed backward with :start_key="", :finish_key=>first_key, this always gave me the first few rows in the column family.
(my goal is to get  the rows adjacent to my "first_key")

looks like it always takes priority of :start_key over the :finish_key.

as for column range,  there is an option to reverse the order. but there is an option for  traversing rows.
so I'm wondering whether cassandra is capable of doing this task with the current api

I tried both twitter cassandra client and hector client, but couldn't find a way to perform it.
have someone been able to do this?

Thank you

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