The issue is described at the bottom. Pinging user-list since am not sure how to confirm this bug, constructor

for (int i = 0; i < columns; i++)
                OnDiskAtom column = atomSerializer.deserializeFromSSTable(file, sstable.descriptor.version);

                // col is before slice
                // (If in slice, don't bother checking that until we change slice)
                if (!inSlice && isColumnBeforeSliceStart(column))

                // col is within slice
                if (isColumnBeforeSliceFinish(column))
                    inSlice = true;
                    inSlice = false;
                    if (!setNextSlice())
                         We have moved to the next slice here. But the current "column" is not checked against the next slice.
                         Ex: my ColumnSlices are [a-c], [d-f] and I search for [e] and the current "column" = [e]. 

                         In-fact it need not be just next slice. It could be any arbitrary slice that might match the current "column"