"What am I doing wrong here?"

You are probably using a RandomPartitioner (or Murmur3Partitioner) which randomize keys to avoid hot spots.

Basically, you just can't use range query because 'nlxxxxxxxxxx' is stored as md5('nlxxxxxxxxxx'). You should better modify your model to use column slice, which are ordered.

An other solution, which is not recommended at all because it leads to hot spots, is to use an OrderedPreservingPartitioner. But once again, I think you shouldn't do it.

I have no time to go deeper in my explanation but with what I already told you, you should be able to find out by yourself more details if needed.


2013/2/27 Sloot, Hans-Peter <hans-peter.sloot@atos.net>

I have what is perhaps a silly question.

Column family other2 which has a varchar as primary key and a uuid column.
I  have inserted 2000 rows

All rows keys start with 'nl' followed by other characters.

To my surprise when I do  : select count(*) from other2 where key > 'z';

It shows :


All rows start with a character smaller than 1.

But it becomes even more strange:

cqlsh:demo> select count(*) from other2 where key > 'zz';

cqlsh:demo> select count(*) from other2 where key > 'zzz';
  1820  < -- now the row count has even increased.

What am I doing wrong here?


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