Not sure this will be useful for you but "nodetool drain" doesn't work properly well for a while. If you are using counters I recommend you to remove commit logs after you drained ans stopped the node, before restarting the node to avoid replaying counts.

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2013/2/11 Michal Michalski <>

2) Upgrade one node at a time, running the clustered in a mixed
1.1.2->1.1.9 configuration for a number of days.

I'm about to upgrade my 1.1.0 cluster and says:

"If you are upgrading to Cassandra 1.1.9 from a version earlier than 1.1.7, all nodes must be upgraded before any streaming can take place. Until you upgrade all nodes, you cannot add version 1.1.7 nodes or later to a 1.1.7 or earlier cluster."

Which one is correct then? Can I run mixed 1.1.2 (in my case 1.1.0) & 1.1.9 cluster or not?