I'm using Cassandra 1.1.8 and today I saw in my keyspace a column family with the following content

> SELECT * FROM challenge;

So, only rowkeys.
Yesterday those rows were there and I ran some deletions (exactly on those rows). I'm using Hector

Mutator<byte []> mutator = HFactory.createMutator(keyspace, BYTES_ARRAY_SERIALIZER)
    .addDeletion(challengeRowKey(...), CHALLENGE_COLUMN_FAMILY_NAME)

This is a small development and test environment on a single machine / single node so I don't believe the hardware details are relevant.
Probably I'm doing something stupid or I didn't get the point about how things are working, but as far I understood the rows above are no valid... column name and column value coordinates are missing so there are no valid cells (rowkey / column name / column value)...is that right?

I read about ghost reads but I think this is a scenario in a distribuited environment...is that valid after one day and on a single Cassandra node??

Regards and thanks in advance,